About Laura Spa

Laura Louise Angelsen has run Laura Spa  for over 10 years since 2009. She is both a Swedish/Classic Massage and Thai Massage therapist.

A little about Swedish/Classic Massage: Swedish/Classic Massage come from Sweden. This treatment is a pleasant and relaxing treatment with 5 concepts working during the treatment.

A little about Thai Massage: Thai massage is created by Thai and is something that we are proud of. We have great faith in this, and will drive commercial without some form of hidden services that are only to damage for Thai massage.

We use only products that are promoted by natural raw materials, such as various Thai herbs.

We places emphasis on quality and service.

By taking care of both body and mind we wish the better quality of life in the community.

Why do you choose us?

Because we are professjonal and serious business with long experience allmost 20 years therefore you can feel security with us.

We wish you welcome to Laura spa.

Treat yourself with a luxury treatment and give a delightful gift to your body and soul!

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