Corporate massage

“Start now and now optimal business success!”

Do you need a corporate massage for the place?

I stand for you.

What does the company get to give its employees a corporate massage?

1. Reduced sick leave

2. Reduced business expenses

3. Increase productivity and motivation

4. Increased well-being in the work environment

5. Increased loyalty among employees

6. Get your employees to emphasize their own state of health

Massage at the party

“The little extra with massage at the party makes such a big difference for your party to the unforgettable party!”

Do you need a massage at the party or do you want the little extra that makes a big difference to your party?

I stand for you.

What do you and your friends get to get a massage at the party?

1. Perfect for relaxing and well-being for body and soul.
2. Reduced muscle tension, muscle knots, exercise, swelling and stress.
3. Improved body function, mobility, blood circulation, lymph drainage
4. Improved combustion
5. Reduced tension and pain in the body
6. Increase the party mood and luxury as a high-class party

Therapist: Laura Louise Angelsen

Customers: All individuals and companies.

Why do you choose me?

1. Experience in physical therapist for almost 20 years.

2. Education in classical massage from Axelsson school in Oslo in 2012 and Thai massage from Bangkok in 2008. Unique technique: East and west.

3. My Expert area is to solve physical challenges in humans and good at scalp and facial massage. And definitely relaxing too I’m good at.

4. Work experience from your own company for over 10 years, also at Thief spa (Tjovholmen right by Akerbrygge) and The well spa (Sofiemyr). Their customers are my good reference!

5. I am very flexible in working hours and can adapt to their needs, I can also receive their employees for treatment of over 20 people per day and can start the day’s work at the earliest in the morning and end no later than the evening after the appointment.

6. I bring the massage table, the oil and miscellaneous that are needed for treatment and treatment is performed in your company, you line up for massage rooms, each client only needs to bring 3 large towels.

Offers on prices:

Classic massage for 30 minutes

From 10 people up NOK 650 plus VAT

* Travel costs and miscellaneous costs are included in the price.

** The government has introduced 25% VAT on physical massage treatment from 01.01.2021. **

If this is interesting for you and you want the agreement with me.

Please contact me by email: mee.chanar@hotmail to enter into the agreement.

If you have any questions, feel free to send a message to +47 90709167.

I can start the deal as soon as possible. And I am happy to adapt to their needs.

P.S. I also have massages at the party for all companies and individuals if it should be interesting for you.

At least 5 people and prices are NOK 700 plus VAT for a 30 minute treatment.

* Travel costs and miscellaneous costs are included in the price.

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