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Signature Massage 














Massage Course for A Couple

50 min



75 min




50 min



75 min






Signature Massage is used for muscle tension, muscle knots, exercise, swelling and stress as well as perfect for relaxing and well-being. Press point treatment after the client’s consultation- some places may feel a little sore with comfortable way as well sore. Hot natural massage oil is used during the treatment. Full body treatment, Finishes with face and scalp massage. Suitable for anyone who wants a comfortable massage while relieving most possible muscle tension. Hardness: soft, medium and hard. The treatment make to customer needs.

Aromatherapy Massage is used by relieving muscle tension, muscle knots, exercise in a comfortable, relaxing and well-being way while receiving aromatherapy treatment for optimal fantastic well-being experience for body and soul. Full body treatment, Finishes with face and scalp massage. Suitable for anyone who wants the most comfortable, relaxing and well-being massage at the same time as relieving muscle tension. Degrees of hardness: soft and comfortable treatment. The treatment should be as comfortable as possible , relaxing and well-being.

Massage course for a couple who wants to be able to massage each other on a professional level. Being able to massage each other will make you love each other even more and save a lot of money. Laura spa will be responsible for all the course materials. You are only required to show up at the agreed place. The massage course will last 3 hours. What will take place in the course: First you will learn about anatomy. Then I will massage one of you for 50 min and then you will massage each other for 50 min while I teach you along the way how you can massage each other expertly.

After treatment you get improved body function, mobility, blood circulation, lymph drainage, improved metabolism and reduced tension and pain.

Available in 3 different  degrees (soft, medium and hard). Take a closer look at each treatment. 

 Features :

Hot massage jell

  • Helps against pain in the joints and back, relieves ailments in the tendons and bone structure. Provides warmth in muscles, improves blood circulation.
  • Herbal balm relieves problems associated with numbness in hands and feet, helps to reduce pain in joints and back, relieve ailments of the tendons and bones. The product also is used traditionally
  • Against burns and skolding, insect bites, extravasation, and itching skin.
  • The product can also be used for smaller wounds.

Aromatherapy oil 

  • Aromatherapy oil is useful which helps to relax both physically and mentally, and helps to cleanse the nose and dissolve mucus, helps to relieve muscle and joint pain, antibacterial and skin viruses, promotes deeper and more comfortable sleep, and helps treat long-term psychological stress.


  • Binds moisture to the skin so it feels soft and smooth.







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