About Spa & Aromatherapy  Massage


Spa is “deep cleansing of skin down to the deeper layers, and to give your skin a treatment ” .

Another of spa is ” bringing health with the help of water ” , for example by immerse skin with mineral water, by immerse skin with milk, by using herbs, by drinking mineral water, by Hydrotheraphy, or by massage with aromatic oils (Aroma theraphy).


Thai massage

Thai massage is both a science and an art that has gone in an inheritance from old of, through countless generations. traditionally used method of most people to way pain and fatigue by chalk and by the body, and the creates also proximity between life, such as when building masserer’s.

Thai massage can provide good result by way simple symptoms, prevent sufferings, and restore from functions in the body.

Thai massage helps to stimulate blood circular in the brain, and Autonomic Nervous System, so that function and balance improved in the bodies that works outside it control. Massage helps to tight up your skin and give the clarity and glow. Skin becomes healthier as a result of better blood circular and oxygen. It occurs also many other favorable result in the body.

Treat yourself to a wellnes-break in life!

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